Who We Are

Learn about how the Trust was created and how it serves Oregonians’ quality of life.

Where else but Oregon would you find a statewide program to protect cultural vitality?

Created in 2002 by the Oregon Legislature, the Oregon Cultural Trust is a testimony to how much Oregonians value culture. No other state provides a 100 percent tax credit to inspire cultural giving.

As uniquely Oregonian as public beaches and the bottle bill, the Oregon Cultural Trust was established 14 years ago by the Oregon Legislature as an ongoing funding engine for arts and culture across the state.

Oregonians fund the Cultural Trust. We, in turn, fund the artists, potters, rappers, acrobats and dreamers who make Oregon, Oregon.

In 2015 Oregonians gave $4.56 million to the Cultural Trust, our all-time record. Sixty percent of that went straight back to the field. The remaining 40 percent helped grow our permanent fund.

Our three grant programs fund our five Statewide Partners, 45 County and Tribal Coalitions and qualified cultural nonprofits through competitive Cultural Development Grants.

No other state in the union has this incredible benefit. Lucky Oregonians!


 Our Vision

We envision an Oregon that champions and invests in creative expression and cultural exchange, driving innovation and opportunity for all.

Our Brand Anthem

 Our Mission

The Oregon Cultural Trust’s mission is to lead Oregon in cultivating, growing and valuing culture as an integral part of communities. We do this by inspiring Oregonians to invest in a permanent fund that provides annual grants to cultural organizations.

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